Google, Transit, Apartment Listings Mash Up – A Killer App

Here is an App I’d like to see someone develop. A Google Map that incorporates transit scheduling data to help people figure out where they should live – if they know where they are going to work or go to school. It would work similarly to King County’s Trip Planner page, but not exactly.

This is how I would envision it working: Each step would filter OUT places where you would consider living.

Step 1

You would enter the destination. (This idea was inspired by trying to help two people who needed help figuring out a good place to live convenient to North Seattle Community College. Just knowing which buslines serve the university doesn’t help.)

Step 2

Indicate how long of a commute you’d be willing to make.

Step 3

Indicate how many transfers you’re willing to make.

Step 4

Indicate how far you’re willing to walk from home to the bus stop

Step 5

Indicate how far you’re willing to walk from the bus to your destination

The idea is that the user would get a radius/list of possible neighborhoods too look at. (It would be even better if it could connect with apartment/house listings with appropriate filters on residential information.)

Google Transit, Google Maps, Craig’s List, King County Transit and others out there in cyberspace – is this doable?


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